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Archive of posts filed under the Systems Administration category.

Extracting A Query String Parameter With Mod Rewrite

Background I was recently working on a website that was being modernized and we had to redirect the old site to the new site.  This shows the solution along with an explanation. This is targeted to those familiar with mod-rewrite. Extracting a single parameter This will check the URLs: and turn it into […]

Top – Linux System Metrics: Statistics And Interpretation

Background An important part of running Linux servers is to be able to identify and interpret the performance metrics the operating system provides.  It is usually easy (but not always) to identify performance bottlenecks.  Many a system administrator has gotten the monitoring alert that things are wrong.  With a bit of experience it should be […]

System Uptime Personal Record: 4.75 Years And Growing (Debian Linux)

Background *update* currently 5.2 years (04:40:08 up 1900 days, 15:05,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00) I’ve worked for a small company for many years that does a lot of things, one of them being hosting.  I have the opportunity to run and maintain dozens of machines for various private sector contracts.  My personal […]

OpenVPN And PPP on Linux: VPN Traffic Forwarding Default Gateway Fix

Background I use OpenVPN all the time and had the task of setting it up to function as the default gateway for an embedded linux machine that is using PPP with a USB 3G dongle.  The VPN connection worked great as always but for some reason I couldn’t get the traffic forwarded over the 3G line. […]